"Sociology studies the structures and patterns in societies"

- Christiaan Monden, Professor of Sociology and Demography

The Department of Sociology at the University of Oxford is consistently ranked amongst the best in the World. A relatively new department by Oxford’s standards, it was set up in 1999 to provide a renewed focus for sociological research and teaching in the University. Monchu was invited to take on a design challenge of which others had failed. How do you portray the complexity of the field into a modern, world leading brand?

interconnectivity on a global scale

Sociology studies the structures and patterns in societies – including everything from criminal gangs to religious organisations, race, class and gender to the makeup of the family unit or the state. Sociology uses observation and analysis of social life to build up a detailed understanding of social processes.

We chose to focus on another instance in the natural world, where subtle social interactions affect wider societal patterns – a murmuration of starlings.

University of Oxford's Department of Sociology's Brand Guidelines created by Oxford-based design agency Monchü as part of a wider brand identity.


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