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are our heroes

We were approached to pitch for a digital marketing campaign to demonstrate the real-world impact of academic research by international publisher Taylor and Francis, part of the Informa Group. Initially the brief specified the use of social media. We suggested a potentially more effective solution – telling individual research heroes’ stories through the medium of podcasting. We envisaged 10-12 stories putting researchers at their centre of a heroes journey
Website mock ups across multiple devices for Taylor & Francis Group's How Researchers Changed the World podcast series designed and produced by Oxford-based design agency Monchü as part of a wider brand identity.

The podcast episodes

We begun by working with Taylor and Francis to read through hundreds of papers and journals from researchers all over the world to find the most compelling and interesting stories. From music and dementia to climate change, the ten episode series covered almost every academic discipline and told the remarkable stories of the people who are literally changing our understanding and our world.

Attracting the next generation

How Researchers’ was carefully curated to attract and inspire the next generation of academic researchers. Taylor and Francis is a forward thinking publisher who recognises the future of research; a collaborative interconnected approach. Adopting a new media platform which researchers already use was an obvious choice for them. Realising our ambitious vision was only possible with their ongoing support and dedication to the project.
Special thanks to Elaine Devine and Clare Dodd at T&F.
How Researchers Changed the World written and produced by Monchü and recorded at Under the Apple Tree Studios.
Presented by Dr. Kaitlyn Regehr.
Producers: Ryan Howe and Tabitha Whiting with editing, mixing and mastering by Miles Myerscough-Harris at WBBC.
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